Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two months and all is well

As of Monday Max has been living with us full time. Other than a few isolated instances he has not stopped smiling! He got his drivers license last week and has been running around town in an 84 Camero given to him by his Grandpa Earl and Grandma June, life does not get much better.

The legal front is still not resolved. Gail has not paid child support and continues to try and make things difficult. The thing that got us through all of this is that we remember she is a sick person and therefor can not help herself. Eric on the other hand.... We are looking into a person malpractice suit for his blatant failure to diagnose his wife with a personality disorder. Our hope is that
a. we will recoup legal fees
b. Gail will get the professional help she needs in order to form some sort of a relationship with he son later on in life.

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