Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two months and all is well

As of Monday Max has been living with us full time. Other than a few isolated instances he has not stopped smiling! He got his drivers license last week and has been running around town in an 84 Camero given to him by his Grandpa Earl and Grandma June, life does not get much better.

The legal front is still not resolved. Gail has not paid child support and continues to try and make things difficult. The thing that got us through all of this is that we remember she is a sick person and therefor can not help herself. Eric on the other hand.... We are looking into a person malpractice suit for his blatant failure to diagnose his wife with a personality disorder. Our hope is that
a. we will recoup legal fees
b. Gail will get the professional help she needs in order to form some sort of a relationship with he son later on in life.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby SHower

We had a great time last night surrounded by friends and family...All together more than 70 people showed up to celebrate with us our new addition.

The ghost of Gail Henricks still lingers. We went to pick up a game Max had ordered at Game Stop and Gail Heinrick's had picked it up. One of Max's friend said "Max why would your mom want your game?" ..Max answered, "because she's an asshole"...Sad, but true..... She picked it up 6 days after the courts ordered that she is forbidden to contact her son...We keep reminding Max that his mother does not mean any of the things she does, however she is just a terribly sick person. I hope she gets the mental therapy the court has ordered. We want her to get help and Max does to...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You would think

You would think after having your wrist slapped (pretty hard) in court court you would try to change...Not so. Gail lost all custody of her son Max. She was ordered to turn over all his personal belongings to him at our home. The photo to the left is what she dropped off...
various school books
3 - white undershirts (purchased by Dean)
3 t-shirts (purchased by Dean)
3 ferret leashes (she also brought the ferrets) -honestly she could have kept them.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 20th Justice, albiet slow prevailed

OK - We won. As much as I wanted to hate Gail I can not. Although we could not see the final report for the evaluator it is clear from the recommendations that Gail suffers from sever mental problems. For an order to prevent a mother from even speaking to her child speaks volumes. Who I am really angry at is her husband Dr Henricks. Eric is guilty of child neglect. He knowingly sat by and watched Gail abuse Max for 15 years. He even made prescribed his wife anti-depressants, proof he knew there was a problem. Do we go to the prosecutor and file charges? I want to.What do you think.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sprink BReak, Seriously

So Dean got a text message from Gail at 3:30a...She asked Dean if he could keep Max from 3/26 to 4/6 whole she takes Clay and a group of his friends on Spring Break. I guess she had this all planned and paid for prior to loosing her job. Or, do ya thin she may have lied.....

Friday, March 13, 2009

OK, We have a date set for the evaluation, Friday March 27th it begins.....They will not start it until we pay them up front $9,000.00. Dean is responsible for 75% of the cost because Gail apparently only made 35,000 last year and has been laid off. She either quit or was fired....Nurses are not being laid off.

We are quickly approaching $50,000 in legal fees. Our credit cards are to the limit. Recap for my sanilty
So Max wants to come live with us.
His mother lies to the court and says he is mentally ill and should not be taken seriously.
The case is delayed and Gail never takes Max to the doctor.
Now we have to pay the cost of the evaluaiton.

Maybe the legal system is the one that needs mental help! Isn't a judge paid to hear the evidence and make these decisions? Why should we have to pay someone else? This is so screwed up.....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Justifiable Anger

Justifiable anger - Is is appropriate to get upset because a man straddles your 14 year old son and throws him against the wall? If you act out against that man who is displaying anger? Eric Henricks attacked my son and threw him against the wall.....I got upset in court - who is wrong? The mother sits backs and watches the child be abused, is she just as guilty?

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last night was the first good night sleep in a while. Thank you...... I am keeping my faith that everything will work out just a little bitter later than we hoped for...

It must be very sad being Gail...Her husband will not even come to court to support her. She sits alone each time next to her attorney. He was subpoenaed and still didn't show up...

Do you think he just wants not part of this? Perhaps he is afraid to be tested psychologically...I wonder if Dr Erik Henricks is hiding anything????

Friday, March 6, 2009

No news is good news. I don't think so...

OK – So 6 hours in court and still nothing.

The judge, after 2 of Max’s therapist stated under oath that he belongs with his father (thank you both sooo much, you guys were great against that creepy attorney), and a letter from Gail’s attorney to their therapist asking him to lie in a letter to the court about Max and still the judge could not make a decision. She left the boy in a home where he is being abused. Judge Ayers has instead decided to order a custody evaluation that Dean has to pay for because Gail apparently was laid off due to the economy. I did not realize that nurses were being laid off… So – Here we are, thirty thousand dollars later – now waiting to get the custody evaluation with another court date of May 20th.

OK – Max is 16 and wants to live with us, we want him and now we have to pay for the evaluation – This is crazy.

This has been so stressful. Dean and I appreciate everyone’s support and prayers during this difficult time.

These judges are elected officials that should be making these decision. Is this crazy or is it me? I’m ready to start my own fundraising campaign!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

48 hours and counting

We are 2 days away from court. Dean and I are confident (but not overly) that justice will be done and we will walk out with full custody of Max. Either way, I will be writing an Op-Ed and taking my story to the newspaper. What happened to us should NEVER happer to another person. Fathers have no rights when there is a divorce. We should not have had to spend 20K to get our boy away from an abusive mother and step father.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

a dove

This morning we saw a dove sitting on top of Honeys doghouse right outside our living room window. This is the week we go to court and its a great sign. We are asking for full custody with NO visitation for Gail. We believe Gail suffers from a severe mental illness such as "borderline personalty disorder. Perhaps when she looses the right to see her son she will finally seek the help she so desperately needs.

Eric is still a mystery. I am not sure what the Hippocratic oath is but I think doctors take the oath which implies when they see someone ill they are obligated to get them help. Again is begs the question about her husband. What kind of doctor would sit by and watch a mother abuse her son...On second thought what kind of a human would sit by and watch any mother abuse her child and not say anything? I know, another child abuser. If Eric Henricks and Gail Henricks abuse Max, I wonder if they abuse the other children unlucky enough to live in that crazy household.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good News

Well in yet another attempt to delay the court hearing evil momma filed a motion that Dean, Max, me and she should undergo MMPI testing. Strangely enough the only one Gail felt did not need to take the test is her husband who admitted to physically abusing Max and also that he did not love max under oath!

The motion stated that since Dean is out of town on business 21 days a week (which if it were true would mean he was only home 3 days a week) and i would be Max's care giver I should be tested. I am happy to report that the new judge (Judge Ayers) did not fall for the lies and the attempt to delay the case again. We are going foreword on March 5th with no testing.......

She she the litany of nasty emails all week long calling Dean and unfit parent and me a drunk....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


OK so we had Max on Sunday January 25th. Gail was supposed to pick him up at 6pm. At 5:30p she sends a text message she would be here at 7 and please have him ready and "make sure he has Clays (Max's half brother) sweater and video games that Max stole". Dean responded with fine as far as 7 however the sweater and games go we have no idea what she is taking about. She proceeding to text Dean like father like son...Dean she is calling Dean a thief.

At about 6 she decided to come get him and text Dean she would be here in 15 minutes. Dean responded that she said 7 and 7 it is ..she proceeded to text about the guidelines which Dean informed her that 30 minutes earlier she ask to wave the guidelines. At 6:15 Clay showed up to get Max. Note Clay is a know criminal with a record for stealing and abusing of drug and alcohol..... We sent him away an told him to return at 7 which he did.

If you are ever treated in a doctors office or hospital in Indianapolis and your nurse is Gail Henricks RUN, don't walk. Also if your anesthesiologist id Eric Henricks......go the other way.

Another small victory. Judge Ayers threw out Ed Kelly's motion for her to reconsider recusing Judge Ayers. Duh Ed....Fighting so hard to keep Commissioner Shook only proves our point that a) she was bias and b) you knew it too....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

No news is good news, but good news is better

OK, so Dean and I went to DC for the inauguration. Max stayed behind with his sister Lauren (she's 22). They had a fantastic weekend together, and so did Dean and I. On Monday January 19th our attorney called to tell us we had a small victory. Justice prevailed and the Judge Ayers granted our request to have Commissioner Shook recused. Also she moved the trial from March 26th to March 5th. Finally....

Well no big surprise Ed Kelly the attorney for Gail Spires Alger Henrick's filed a motion for Judge Ayers to reconsider her decision to recuse Commissioner Shook. I'm a little confused, He is trying so hard to keep Commissioner Shook I guess her agrees with us the she would be bias.....

It was a blissful 7 days from Tuesday the 14th until Tuesday the 20th as Max was with us or Lauren. No texts or phone calls from Max about the ongoing torture he faces in his mothers household from his mother Gail Henricks or his step father Dr. Eric Henricks. Unfortunately she returned on Tuesday late. On Wednesday Max texted us on our way home from DC and told us his mother told him he was not allowed to go home until they returned from a dinner with family that he was not invited to....Did I mention Max is not allowed to be in his mothers home when they are not present. He does not have a key and is not given the garage access code

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Delay.

Well court was delayed today due to the fact that the judge could not get in - My office is open, I didn't know I had a choice! We have been fighting this battle since September 18th of 2007. Why would a mother and the court system put a child through this torture?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Liar, Liar pants on fire!

So on Sunday night Dean gets a text message from Gail saying she was headed out of town from Tuesday the 13th of January to the 2oth and Dean had to keep Max. Not, do you have plans, is it OK.....What ever. We do have plans as I have been invited to two inaugural balls. No fear Lauren stepped in and will be sitting for Max from Saturday to Tuesday, but that's not the best part. As of today she is still in town - she just doesn't want her son. Why doesn't she give him to us? Could it be just about the money? We have a court date tomorrow to get the judge recused. Do you think they are going to try and postpone the hearing?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Home again - Home again

Back home again in Indiana. So Max doesn't want to go home to his mothers house tonight (no surprise). So he texted her, "mom can I stay at dads tonight "fine!" is her texted response. That is the nicest she has been to him in a year.

Think good thoughts we are going to court on Wednesday to have the bias judge recused. Remember, when Max mom files a motion at the last minute that Max is incapable of honestly knowing that he wants to live with his father, Maxs mom Gail filed a motion that Max was several mentally ill. The judge agreed to postpone the case as she "has a mentally ill son". Naturally we want the judge to remove herself but Gail thinks she should remain.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

You are not going to belive this one.

Two nights ago Gail, Max's birth mom told him that even if his face clears up he will still be ugly. I thought mothers have an innate seen to protect their children? Is she just missing that gene. Their shiould be some sort of test that people pass to procreate.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fast forward

Max's mother has lost it years ago. In the last year she has showed up at Max class at high school during his first month there and stood behind him while in class. Imagine your mother showing up during your freshman year of high school, I would have died.... She has woken him up with a super soaker. She has called him a columbine kid, a sociopath, Bi-polar, schizophrenic. Gail's most most recent idiotic activity was withholding his accutane while calling him pizza face. We spent countless hours pleading with doctors to give a new prescription. Did I mention she called the police because he didn't want to go to Church? She has managed to postpone the court case 3 times and the commissioner Shook has agreed. She has told her son that she doesn't want to look at him but she is never going to let him live with his father. Instead she is planning to financially ruin us, and its working. Today we learned Gail is protesting the removal of a Commissioner Shook. That another 2K we have to spend to have a judge removed who stated in open court that she knows how Bi-Polar children can lie because she has a bi polar son. The judge should step down herself! How can this stuff go on..... She has called him a loser in front of his Friends. His step father under oath when asked if he loved Max responded by saying "define love". This is an educated man, a Doctor! I guess they don't teach vocabulary in medical school.

This morning Max asked his mom why he wont let him go live with his dad. His mom responded by telling Max she would if Max's dad wasn't crazy. Since it's Tuesday and that is the day we spend with Max Dean picked up Max and took him to see his therapist that he has seen for 8 years. Gail texted Max to ask where he was and he told her with his dad. She texted Dean that she had plans and hoer it is her day and how inconsiderate he is. Dean has picked up Max every Tuesday for the last 14 years. Then she sent a text that she and her husband were ill so Dean had to keep Max all night. 5 minutes later she sent a text stated all of her husbands kids were over for the night and how Dean ruined her family evening. She makes up the stuff as she goes along.

The scary thing is she is a nurse if you are ever treated by Gail Henrick or Dr Eric Henrick RUN these two are nuts.

Several health care providers have told Dean and I they suspect Max's mother suffers from Borderline personality disorder. I think she is just evil.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Return from Christmas Visitation.

My husband and I have been struggling to get custody of my 15 year old step-son Max for more than one year. At the beginning of the school year in 2007 Max told his mother Gail Henricks) he wanted to live with his dad 50% of the time. It went downhill for Max right then and there. that night his mother threw out his clothes and told him that he had to get used to Kmart because that's where his step-mom (me) shops. She also added that she would kill his animals ( Max has several pets). Max called his father Dean crying. Dean went to pick up Max late in September of 2007. We all made a late night shopping trip to Kohl's (Kmart is far from the house) and Petco to get Max the things he needed. Max stayed with us for about 10 days until Gail decided to come get him.

After an upsetting fall of 2007 capped off by Max's Step father, Dr Eric Henricks straddeling Max in a bean bag chair and holding him down by the wrist so that they could have a calm conversation with him ( i dont know about you but I find it difficuklt to have calm conversations with peoiple while I am beign straddeled by a 6'4' man as he holds my wrist down) Gail finally agreed to let Max live with us 50% of the time beginning in January 2008. It sounded like she was finally putting her son first. Dean sent a letter to Gail and asked her to sign legal papers that he could file with the court to reflect the new custody agreement, Gail changed he mind.