Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fast forward

Max's mother has lost it years ago. In the last year she has showed up at Max class at high school during his first month there and stood behind him while in class. Imagine your mother showing up during your freshman year of high school, I would have died.... She has woken him up with a super soaker. She has called him a columbine kid, a sociopath, Bi-polar, schizophrenic. Gail's most most recent idiotic activity was withholding his accutane while calling him pizza face. We spent countless hours pleading with doctors to give a new prescription. Did I mention she called the police because he didn't want to go to Church? She has managed to postpone the court case 3 times and the commissioner Shook has agreed. She has told her son that she doesn't want to look at him but she is never going to let him live with his father. Instead she is planning to financially ruin us, and its working. Today we learned Gail is protesting the removal of a Commissioner Shook. That another 2K we have to spend to have a judge removed who stated in open court that she knows how Bi-Polar children can lie because she has a bi polar son. The judge should step down herself! How can this stuff go on..... She has called him a loser in front of his Friends. His step father under oath when asked if he loved Max responded by saying "define love". This is an educated man, a Doctor! I guess they don't teach vocabulary in medical school.

This morning Max asked his mom why he wont let him go live with his dad. His mom responded by telling Max she would if Max's dad wasn't crazy. Since it's Tuesday and that is the day we spend with Max Dean picked up Max and took him to see his therapist that he has seen for 8 years. Gail texted Max to ask where he was and he told her with his dad. She texted Dean that she had plans and hoer it is her day and how inconsiderate he is. Dean has picked up Max every Tuesday for the last 14 years. Then she sent a text that she and her husband were ill so Dean had to keep Max all night. 5 minutes later she sent a text stated all of her husbands kids were over for the night and how Dean ruined her family evening. She makes up the stuff as she goes along.

The scary thing is she is a nurse if you are ever treated by Gail Henrick or Dr Eric Henrick RUN these two are nuts.

Several health care providers have told Dean and I they suspect Max's mother suffers from Borderline personality disorder. I think she is just evil.

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