Monday, January 5, 2009

Return from Christmas Visitation.

My husband and I have been struggling to get custody of my 15 year old step-son Max for more than one year. At the beginning of the school year in 2007 Max told his mother Gail Henricks) he wanted to live with his dad 50% of the time. It went downhill for Max right then and there. that night his mother threw out his clothes and told him that he had to get used to Kmart because that's where his step-mom (me) shops. She also added that she would kill his animals ( Max has several pets). Max called his father Dean crying. Dean went to pick up Max late in September of 2007. We all made a late night shopping trip to Kohl's (Kmart is far from the house) and Petco to get Max the things he needed. Max stayed with us for about 10 days until Gail decided to come get him.

After an upsetting fall of 2007 capped off by Max's Step father, Dr Eric Henricks straddeling Max in a bean bag chair and holding him down by the wrist so that they could have a calm conversation with him ( i dont know about you but I find it difficuklt to have calm conversations with peoiple while I am beign straddeled by a 6'4' man as he holds my wrist down) Gail finally agreed to let Max live with us 50% of the time beginning in January 2008. It sounded like she was finally putting her son first. Dean sent a letter to Gail and asked her to sign legal papers that he could file with the court to reflect the new custody agreement, Gail changed he mind.

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