Wednesday, January 28, 2009


OK so we had Max on Sunday January 25th. Gail was supposed to pick him up at 6pm. At 5:30p she sends a text message she would be here at 7 and please have him ready and "make sure he has Clays (Max's half brother) sweater and video games that Max stole". Dean responded with fine as far as 7 however the sweater and games go we have no idea what she is taking about. She proceeding to text Dean like father like son...Dean she is calling Dean a thief.

At about 6 she decided to come get him and text Dean she would be here in 15 minutes. Dean responded that she said 7 and 7 it is ..she proceeded to text about the guidelines which Dean informed her that 30 minutes earlier she ask to wave the guidelines. At 6:15 Clay showed up to get Max. Note Clay is a know criminal with a record for stealing and abusing of drug and alcohol..... We sent him away an told him to return at 7 which he did.

If you are ever treated in a doctors office or hospital in Indianapolis and your nurse is Gail Henricks RUN, don't walk. Also if your anesthesiologist id Eric Henricks......go the other way.

Another small victory. Judge Ayers threw out Ed Kelly's motion for her to reconsider recusing Judge Ayers. Duh Ed....Fighting so hard to keep Commissioner Shook only proves our point that a) she was bias and b) you knew it too....

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