Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two months and all is well

As of Monday Max has been living with us full time. Other than a few isolated instances he has not stopped smiling! He got his drivers license last week and has been running around town in an 84 Camero given to him by his Grandpa Earl and Grandma June, life does not get much better.

The legal front is still not resolved. Gail has not paid child support and continues to try and make things difficult. The thing that got us through all of this is that we remember she is a sick person and therefor can not help herself. Eric on the other hand.... We are looking into a person malpractice suit for his blatant failure to diagnose his wife with a personality disorder. Our hope is that
a. we will recoup legal fees
b. Gail will get the professional help she needs in order to form some sort of a relationship with he son later on in life.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby SHower

We had a great time last night surrounded by friends and family...All together more than 70 people showed up to celebrate with us our new addition.

The ghost of Gail Henricks still lingers. We went to pick up a game Max had ordered at Game Stop and Gail Heinrick's had picked it up. One of Max's friend said "Max why would your mom want your game?" ..Max answered, "because she's an asshole"...Sad, but true..... She picked it up 6 days after the courts ordered that she is forbidden to contact her son...We keep reminding Max that his mother does not mean any of the things she does, however she is just a terribly sick person. I hope she gets the mental therapy the court has ordered. We want her to get help and Max does to...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You would think

You would think after having your wrist slapped (pretty hard) in court court you would try to change...Not so. Gail lost all custody of her son Max. She was ordered to turn over all his personal belongings to him at our home. The photo to the left is what she dropped off...
various school books
3 - white undershirts (purchased by Dean)
3 t-shirts (purchased by Dean)
3 ferret leashes (she also brought the ferrets) -honestly she could have kept them.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 20th Justice, albiet slow prevailed

OK - We won. As much as I wanted to hate Gail I can not. Although we could not see the final report for the evaluator it is clear from the recommendations that Gail suffers from sever mental problems. For an order to prevent a mother from even speaking to her child speaks volumes. Who I am really angry at is her husband Dr Henricks. Eric is guilty of child neglect. He knowingly sat by and watched Gail abuse Max for 15 years. He even made prescribed his wife anti-depressants, proof he knew there was a problem. Do we go to the prosecutor and file charges? I want to.What do you think.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sprink BReak, Seriously

So Dean got a text message from Gail at 3:30a...She asked Dean if he could keep Max from 3/26 to 4/6 whole she takes Clay and a group of his friends on Spring Break. I guess she had this all planned and paid for prior to loosing her job. Or, do ya thin she may have lied.....

Friday, March 13, 2009

OK, We have a date set for the evaluation, Friday March 27th it begins.....They will not start it until we pay them up front $9,000.00. Dean is responsible for 75% of the cost because Gail apparently only made 35,000 last year and has been laid off. She either quit or was fired....Nurses are not being laid off.

We are quickly approaching $50,000 in legal fees. Our credit cards are to the limit. Recap for my sanilty
So Max wants to come live with us.
His mother lies to the court and says he is mentally ill and should not be taken seriously.
The case is delayed and Gail never takes Max to the doctor.
Now we have to pay the cost of the evaluaiton.

Maybe the legal system is the one that needs mental help! Isn't a judge paid to hear the evidence and make these decisions? Why should we have to pay someone else? This is so screwed up.....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Justifiable Anger

Justifiable anger - Is is appropriate to get upset because a man straddles your 14 year old son and throws him against the wall? If you act out against that man who is displaying anger? Eric Henricks attacked my son and threw him against the wall.....I got upset in court - who is wrong? The mother sits backs and watches the child be abused, is she just as guilty?