Friday, March 13, 2009

OK, We have a date set for the evaluation, Friday March 27th it begins.....They will not start it until we pay them up front $9,000.00. Dean is responsible for 75% of the cost because Gail apparently only made 35,000 last year and has been laid off. She either quit or was fired....Nurses are not being laid off.

We are quickly approaching $50,000 in legal fees. Our credit cards are to the limit. Recap for my sanilty
So Max wants to come live with us.
His mother lies to the court and says he is mentally ill and should not be taken seriously.
The case is delayed and Gail never takes Max to the doctor.
Now we have to pay the cost of the evaluaiton.

Maybe the legal system is the one that needs mental help! Isn't a judge paid to hear the evidence and make these decisions? Why should we have to pay someone else? This is so screwed up.....

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