Sunday, March 1, 2009

a dove

This morning we saw a dove sitting on top of Honeys doghouse right outside our living room window. This is the week we go to court and its a great sign. We are asking for full custody with NO visitation for Gail. We believe Gail suffers from a severe mental illness such as "borderline personalty disorder. Perhaps when she looses the right to see her son she will finally seek the help she so desperately needs.

Eric is still a mystery. I am not sure what the Hippocratic oath is but I think doctors take the oath which implies when they see someone ill they are obligated to get them help. Again is begs the question about her husband. What kind of doctor would sit by and watch a mother abuse her son...On second thought what kind of a human would sit by and watch any mother abuse her child and not say anything? I know, another child abuser. If Eric Henricks and Gail Henricks abuse Max, I wonder if they abuse the other children unlucky enough to live in that crazy household.

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