Friday, March 6, 2009

No news is good news. I don't think so...

OK – So 6 hours in court and still nothing.

The judge, after 2 of Max’s therapist stated under oath that he belongs with his father (thank you both sooo much, you guys were great against that creepy attorney), and a letter from Gail’s attorney to their therapist asking him to lie in a letter to the court about Max and still the judge could not make a decision. She left the boy in a home where he is being abused. Judge Ayers has instead decided to order a custody evaluation that Dean has to pay for because Gail apparently was laid off due to the economy. I did not realize that nurses were being laid off… So – Here we are, thirty thousand dollars later – now waiting to get the custody evaluation with another court date of May 20th.

OK – Max is 16 and wants to live with us, we want him and now we have to pay for the evaluation – This is crazy.

This has been so stressful. Dean and I appreciate everyone’s support and prayers during this difficult time.

These judges are elected officials that should be making these decision. Is this crazy or is it me? I’m ready to start my own fundraising campaign!

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