Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sprink BReak, Seriously

So Dean got a text message from Gail at 3:30a...She asked Dean if he could keep Max from 3/26 to 4/6 whole she takes Clay and a group of his friends on Spring Break. I guess she had this all planned and paid for prior to loosing her job. Or, do ya thin she may have lied.....

Friday, March 13, 2009

OK, We have a date set for the evaluation, Friday March 27th it begins.....They will not start it until we pay them up front $9,000.00. Dean is responsible for 75% of the cost because Gail apparently only made 35,000 last year and has been laid off. She either quit or was fired....Nurses are not being laid off.

We are quickly approaching $50,000 in legal fees. Our credit cards are to the limit. Recap for my sanilty
So Max wants to come live with us.
His mother lies to the court and says he is mentally ill and should not be taken seriously.
The case is delayed and Gail never takes Max to the doctor.
Now we have to pay the cost of the evaluaiton.

Maybe the legal system is the one that needs mental help! Isn't a judge paid to hear the evidence and make these decisions? Why should we have to pay someone else? This is so screwed up.....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Justifiable Anger

Justifiable anger - Is is appropriate to get upset because a man straddles your 14 year old son and throws him against the wall? If you act out against that man who is displaying anger? Eric Henricks attacked my son and threw him against the wall.....I got upset in court - who is wrong? The mother sits backs and watches the child be abused, is she just as guilty?

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last night was the first good night sleep in a while. Thank you...... I am keeping my faith that everything will work out just a little bitter later than we hoped for...

It must be very sad being Gail...Her husband will not even come to court to support her. She sits alone each time next to her attorney. He was subpoenaed and still didn't show up...

Do you think he just wants not part of this? Perhaps he is afraid to be tested psychologically...I wonder if Dr Erik Henricks is hiding anything????

Friday, March 6, 2009

No news is good news. I don't think so...

OK – So 6 hours in court and still nothing.

The judge, after 2 of Max’s therapist stated under oath that he belongs with his father (thank you both sooo much, you guys were great against that creepy attorney), and a letter from Gail’s attorney to their therapist asking him to lie in a letter to the court about Max and still the judge could not make a decision. She left the boy in a home where he is being abused. Judge Ayers has instead decided to order a custody evaluation that Dean has to pay for because Gail apparently was laid off due to the economy. I did not realize that nurses were being laid off… So – Here we are, thirty thousand dollars later – now waiting to get the custody evaluation with another court date of May 20th.

OK – Max is 16 and wants to live with us, we want him and now we have to pay for the evaluation – This is crazy.

This has been so stressful. Dean and I appreciate everyone’s support and prayers during this difficult time.

These judges are elected officials that should be making these decision. Is this crazy or is it me? I’m ready to start my own fundraising campaign!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

48 hours and counting

We are 2 days away from court. Dean and I are confident (but not overly) that justice will be done and we will walk out with full custody of Max. Either way, I will be writing an Op-Ed and taking my story to the newspaper. What happened to us should NEVER happer to another person. Fathers have no rights when there is a divorce. We should not have had to spend 20K to get our boy away from an abusive mother and step father.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

a dove

This morning we saw a dove sitting on top of Honeys doghouse right outside our living room window. This is the week we go to court and its a great sign. We are asking for full custody with NO visitation for Gail. We believe Gail suffers from a severe mental illness such as "borderline personalty disorder. Perhaps when she looses the right to see her son she will finally seek the help she so desperately needs.

Eric is still a mystery. I am not sure what the Hippocratic oath is but I think doctors take the oath which implies when they see someone ill they are obligated to get them help. Again is begs the question about her husband. What kind of doctor would sit by and watch a mother abuse her son...On second thought what kind of a human would sit by and watch any mother abuse her child and not say anything? I know, another child abuser. If Eric Henricks and Gail Henricks abuse Max, I wonder if they abuse the other children unlucky enough to live in that crazy household.