Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good News

Well in yet another attempt to delay the court hearing evil momma filed a motion that Dean, Max, me and she should undergo MMPI testing. Strangely enough the only one Gail felt did not need to take the test is her husband who admitted to physically abusing Max and also that he did not love max under oath!

The motion stated that since Dean is out of town on business 21 days a week (which if it were true would mean he was only home 3 days a week) and i would be Max's care giver I should be tested. I am happy to report that the new judge (Judge Ayers) did not fall for the lies and the attempt to delay the case again. We are going foreword on March 5th with no testing.......

She she the litany of nasty emails all week long calling Dean and unfit parent and me a drunk....

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