Saturday, January 24, 2009

No news is good news, but good news is better

OK, so Dean and I went to DC for the inauguration. Max stayed behind with his sister Lauren (she's 22). They had a fantastic weekend together, and so did Dean and I. On Monday January 19th our attorney called to tell us we had a small victory. Justice prevailed and the Judge Ayers granted our request to have Commissioner Shook recused. Also she moved the trial from March 26th to March 5th. Finally....

Well no big surprise Ed Kelly the attorney for Gail Spires Alger Henrick's filed a motion for Judge Ayers to reconsider her decision to recuse Commissioner Shook. I'm a little confused, He is trying so hard to keep Commissioner Shook I guess her agrees with us the she would be bias.....

It was a blissful 7 days from Tuesday the 14th until Tuesday the 20th as Max was with us or Lauren. No texts or phone calls from Max about the ongoing torture he faces in his mothers household from his mother Gail Henricks or his step father Dr. Eric Henricks. Unfortunately she returned on Tuesday late. On Wednesday Max texted us on our way home from DC and told us his mother told him he was not allowed to go home until they returned from a dinner with family that he was not invited to....Did I mention Max is not allowed to be in his mothers home when they are not present. He does not have a key and is not given the garage access code

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